Hehe, I'll be gramps age real soon.

I would've thought I'd be having some old-man skin by now, but it seems it's not happening yet.

Looked at the mirror and the only real wrinkle I could see is the part between my eyebrows. Must be because of the conniptions I get from everyday work, but it's still not enough to make me look like an old man.

Knotted eyebrows are the only facial expressions that require a lot of muscle effort on my part. I don't have crows feet or that lines on each side of the nose.

My eyes have sunk though, from lack of sleep. And that would probably make me look like a maniac or something.

Btw, Keane has a pretty good album. Found myself listening to it all day. Oh yeah, I have a new batch of mp3s. Yay.