It was past 12, just arrived at the condo.

Decided to eat some snack (uh, cook it first). My usual routine is lounge on the couch, watch some cable while munching on something. But tonight I decided to eat some pancit canton (uh, carbo).

I left the water boiling in the pot while watching. Didn't turn on the lights in the living room. As I was walking around the sink I noticed the stink of cat poop. And everywhere I go I think it's following me. Did I step on it? Check -- no.

I immediately looked for NT to give the kitten-cat a mean stare. But as usual, NT just looked oblivious and playfully pawed the dangling laces on my shorts (scratched my legs). I looked under the table, in the bathroom (where she usually poops) but didn't find it. And *still* the poopy smell assaults me wherever I go.

And then a horrible thought visited me. I went to the couch, and since the lights weren't turned on, I groped. Sure enough, the pastry was there -- and it's on my hand. When I looked in the mirror, it's on the back of my polo shirt. Looks like I lied on it =_=

The situation dawned on me. Here I am, cat poop in hand, cat poop stain on shirt, supposed to eat something while I smell like, well, cat poop deciding what to do. I decided, to hell with cat poop, imma gonna eat. Washed hands, washed shirt, ate the pancit canton while the whole situation playing repeatedly in my mind. Heck, under normal circumstances I should've barfed or lost my appetite. How's that for a gut of steel?

There's still the matter of the tainted couch though. I've decided to let my roommates deal with it in the morning. I'm going to sleep *hee hee*