I was awake up until 2am last Sunday night.

My body clock seems to tick permanently like that. But anyway, some things I just wanted to take note:

- was watching a vid by Jessica Simpson. To be honest, I never liked the way she is, ever. She gives me an impression that she's a ditsy chic and all that. Her mouth looks weird when open (lol). But last night, I watched her "I Belong To Me" video, and all that's in my mind was -- man, she's beautiful. It probably is the glow, or the setup, but when her face switches from serene to anguish and back to serene, it's like I realized something about what she can do (act?) that I haven't realized before. Okay I'll just give props to the director of that vid. Though it never changed the fact that her mouth looks weird when open (lol).

- let it be said that Helen Hunt is one of my favorite actresses. And despite her age I think she's also the most attractive actresses imho. Watched "As Good As It Gets" with her starring with Jack Nicholson, and well, I'm highly entertained by the movie. That's to say I haven't watched it before *tee hee*.

"You make me want to be a better man"

Yeah, even though I could sense the spoiler in there (because hey, I read the line before I saw the movie), it wasn't at all diminished because I didn't know what context it was used for. So when I knew that Jack was using it to complement Helen, I went something like, "Cool, so that's how it was used". It wasn't a pickup line or a phrase uttered in a mad heat of passion. No, it was a complement, something that one could give in utmost sincerity magnified by the fact that it was original (or was it?). And a well-given complement can do wonders at how you could make people feel good about themselves. Power of words eh?

The second complement Jack delivered was also as compelling as that one liner. It's no different from what I used to do. What is it you ask? Simply this -- the fact that I could realize the best things in someone what everyone else is taking for granted. Even all those imperfections don't diminish anything. Ah well, guess I'll reserve that thought for a time to come.

- I was supposed to make a 'Sorry' reply today. Because you know, I've been cutting off all contact with the outside world the past months. I was supposed to make a list of all my friends I haven't come in touch with and say what's good about them (and maybe a bit of what annoys me hehe) and say sorry for having left all of them out. Heck, even mom was suspicious why I wasn't coming home for months XD Then again, I got lazy and well, y'all still love me dontcha? Aw, y'all so sweet *mwaz mwaz*