I'm not sure why it's my favorite Black Eyed Peas song.

Probably because of the beat which makes it fun to hear. Nonetheless, whenever I hear it, it makes me think.

I don't I've ever been lied to in the gravest sense. I'm lucky to have people around who are sensible about those sorts of things.

What I do encounter more often, is being told partial truths. I know people are not mandated to tell everything. But only knowing part of what is real just gives me headaches. Why? Because you tend to fill in the pieces yourself, and if it comes out wrong, you can only blame yourself. Sucks.

One thing I can blame about myself, is that I don't ask a lot about matters that are personal. I consider it really to be something that has to be done by the other party's own volition. And that becomes my blindside. There are things I will never know about a person, nor will ask, unless I feel utterly compelled to ask about it.

With that in mind, I feel the act of trying to know a person only by their friendster testimonials (or stalk the places they go to) to be unfair. Know the person up front. Because the best person to represent him/her, is himself/herself. How they talk, how they react, what ideas they have. And if the person is only reacting for each initiative you do, then stop. Disinterest is a tiring master.

Ah well, my opinion anyways.