Supposed to be productive today.

But ended up not able to think. Drat. December does things to me. Namely get haunted by a lot of not so good things that happened every time that month comes. I know it all already passed by, but makes me think that somewhere out there, someone is holding a voodoo doll with my name on it.

Javascript. Webflow. JSP.

My mistresses that will accompany for the months to come. Sigh. Somebody save me from me. Bring me out of the darkness and lead me to fields of placidity and calmness. Find me what my heart yearns for in these times of despair and anguish. Breathe not into my mind thoughts of hopelessness and desolation. Amidst this wilderness of deceit, confusion, and chaos, let me settle in a place of warmth and belonging. Where I may not dwell in misery but cherish in healing tired bones and knotted muscles.

Aw, Quentin, shut up, lol.