"Oh but I had an elder sister."

Alice 'the Malice' said while I'm looking somewhere else while sipping a drink. "Ah, finally, something about yourself."

Alice: Would you believe that my parents wanted me to be like her?

Me: Uhm, that sorta sucks.

Alice: Tell me about it. Back then, I had to do what they wanted. Until the day I said 'No'.

Me: I think I know what's next.

Alice: Really? Try me.

Me: That's why you have this bar isn't it? Something to tell for all that you wanted to happen for yourself.

Alice: Haha, yes! and no :)

Me: Then I think I'm too lazy to hear the reasons ;)

Alice: Okay, okay. I love her to bits you know? My sister? But I needed to do this for myself. I had to get out from being ... under her shadow. Under everyone's shadow.

At this time my head is reeling from the drink and all the English (puede ba mag-Tagalog ka? haha)

Alice: So, I had this bar.

Me: Then I'm right.

Alice: The other is that, an easy life with them troubles me. I don't want to stagnate, I wanted to learn. I hated seeing the same old thing. Yeah, I missed the things I used to have. But the thrill makes it up for it.

Me: ~urk~ (looking for the men's room)

Alice: Heh, heh. Looks like it's time for you to go home. Next time, I'll grill you as usual.

Me: Uh, yeah.

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