I was trying to get a picture of a female colleague's ass (not for any sexual disrespect mind you, I just think it's really appealing -- okay it does sound disturbing that I did it). I'm not sure why that appeals to me a lot, probably some genetic stimulus in my brain. It's enhanced by the fact that she has a petite body and a pretty face.

I used to say I'm a face person. Yet whenever I think about having to do it with someone whose thighs are larger than mine (for example), my mind goes blank -- it doesn't want to go on. Heck, I can claim I'm an averagely rational person and have gone beyond having preferences based on skin or of the more visually stimulating physical aspects (hee hee). But if rationale doesn't come visit when these thoughts come into my head, I feel disturbed. Fortunately, not enough to make me go bonkers.

Okay, alright. Superficiality is inborn. It probably is a driving force in most of the male genome. Sometimes when I hear women saying that men never really got out of the ape stage, they're being unfair. I mean we didn't ask to be this way did we? More to the point, there probably is some evolutionary reason why it is so. We're unique creatures, yes, able to build societies and make inventions, but we're still bound to the million year-old genetic makeup that determines what we are.

I mean heck, we can't probably stop being human all of a sudden just to fulfill a pure directive or ideology that practically supersede our built-in instincts. Ah well, that will be a thought for another day.

Oh, btw, I wasn't successful getting the picture. Bleh :p

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