The word typhoon comes from the Mandarin (?) word tai'fung, which means 'great wind'.

And a super typhoon is going to hit this weekend. I used to hear mom say that whenever a typhoon comes in the sunny (tag-araw) season, it most often is a super typhoon unlike if it came in from the rainy season.

For the most part, I used to believe that's the case (is there a meteorological explanation?). More importantly however, that means I'd again be stuck at home with nothing to do except send senseless text messages to friends and enemies. Electricity would be out, and it might last til Monday.

Which will suck *future tense, hope not*

Hmm, I can always bring out my sketchpad and draw or play my guitar. Sigh. I think I've entirely left my artistic pursuits for this year.


Kotoba ni naritagaranai kimochi ga arimasu
Hito ga ikura te o nobashite mo Hito no naka ni todokanai basho ga aru
Koe ni naranai hitori hitori no omoi ga suki dakara
Nanika ni naranakute mo itsu no hi de mo kawarazu

I'm tired. The above paragraph accurately describes what I feel about some aspects of this year.

Ah well. Moving along.