Last night, for the first time in more than half a year, I went to see some of the most beloved people I came across with. Man, I missed those guys.

It was already past 9pm. I just woke up after a misscheduled nap. Got a text message about the gang having some gathering in Dencio's Metrowalk. I was still groggy and indecisive if I should go or not. But then I went, what the heck, why not go out and have some fun. After all, looks like I wouldn't be taking that quiet stroll in Glorietta, and the doctor was again being too nice to have simply said no last week and has to come up with the usual line of arranging a schedule or something. Heck, if that was me, I'd say no if I feel like it, no explanations asked. Oh well, I'd let it go, bearing in mind it'll be the last time I'd put up with that. Anyway, my whole intent was to just grab a beer, sit in a corner, and just while the night away worrying about the humongous task that I have to deal with for the whole of December (and for the better part of next year).

From pricks, jocks, bitches, cheerleaders, to geeks and geekettes ... all of them a league of their own. The occassion was actually to welcome Elaine from the US.

I wouldn't have believed it myself that I was actually missed. The cynical, hate-the-world-me was actually missed (yeah, I know mom does but I didn't expect this). Hey, it was a good, warm feeling. Mocha brother was the usual culprit, heh heh. I gave Zee a tight hug, yeah I missed that bright lass. She gets picked on as usual by Captain Jack. Jooz-man was there as well, Nymos, Biggie, Bebang, Basky and Lei, and some new faces as well (sorry, poor with name-face recognition). There were ofcourse, faces that would've made me glad if they were there: Patrick Starfish (haha, dude), Ayeth, Tere, MG, heck, I'd be glad to see cherubim again. It's a pity about the DBAA though, looks like none will be organized for that this year as everyone is busy. Ofcourse the highlight of that would be the after-party :D

Spent the wee hours in Mocha brudder's crib and stayed awake, having spin the bottle games and talking about the year that will soon pass by. Yeah, I missed a lot. But it made me appreciate everything more.

Yeah, December is teaching me something. Will have lunch tomorrow with Gran ^_^ looking forward to it.