I got cut off from the conference a while ago, and couldn't login to YM.

But anyway, to those who don't know, DBAA stands for Don't Be An Asshole. It's sort of a once-a-year affair where the highfiber people get together and do charity for a change. I've been in it twice (this year could be the third), and well, I'm actually looking forward to it. Helps me stop being a hermitty asshole and cease the endless musings for a while and think about those whose needs are more important than mine, or at least give me a chance to pay the blessings that I have forward. May it be a smile or a toy or whatever (eek, I sound like a commercial).

I'm not sure how it's going at the moment, since usually preparations for it happens November. All I can give is my support and a pair of helping hands since I lack organizational skills. Wouldn't mind getting muddy and dirty. So to the prick who summoned me to the conference, I'll be there.

I won't be taking leaves this December anyway ~_~