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This is my RAN Online character, Kerberos. A level 133 Pow-Dex Brawler for Sacred Gate School. He's very similar to his real life counterpart in that, he doesn't really know what he should be.

Ingame enemies, friends ang gangmates call him Ker, Kerb, Kerbs, or Carebear. Last seen in the Hangout flirting with a Bunny Girl who almost ripped his testicles apart.

Right now, he's the only Power type Brawler in Alab who has Deadly Seven, which makes him feared in duels and wondered in leveling parties. Little do they know he can only wear Heavy Destruction Gauntlets (but is quite enough for most purposes) and Heavy Tough Gauntlets (EP). He is tougher than a normal Pow Brawler but has little hp, so Club Wars is mainly just floor practice with him (in Tagalog, dafain).