It was over platefuls of pasta and cranberry juice.

Yeap, today I had lunch with another group of beloved people in Burgoo, Podium. You know? That place were they have these large sheets of paper for table mats. They supply crayons for writing too.

It's been months also since I last seen them. To top that off, it has become a plan for the oncoming Bora trip next year (can't wait hehe)!

I'm not sure just how these things happen but they happen. Sort of, I never needed a long history with the people I'm with to know that they go well with me. So yeah, I love them, the guys and Gran. Maybe back then I was trying to find solace in anyway I can find it. Even if it be people I could barely have any relation for. So it was a blessing they happen to be on the path I'm treading on. I just love hearing them speak about anything and everything -- it's always interesting even though it's not something I could always relate to.

Amidst the plates, I sketched a face. I was actually just doing my usual nonsensical portrait drawings. Then they went, oh ain't that Liza ? (she's sitting beside me) XD Truth be told, I've always thought she's a lovely woman. So I added her necklace to the sketch. Haha, okay enough of that now. Baka suntukin na nya ko.

What I really planned was to go to the office afterwards. I'm always worrying about my work. Decided to go against it and let tomorrow worry about it when it comes. The story ends with me here, blogging.


In the following weeks, I'm going to meet up with the circle of friends that I have pushed away even farther. Hi guys =_= *matamlay na kaway*