Last (late) night I was watching Flicker by UPD, and might I say I've noticed something.

I seem to think Arre Mallari (the vocalist) don't want to be seen for more than 1 second in a given sequence. That's comparing it to others like Maybe and Pag-agos (?). Not sure if it was meant to imply a mysterious effect (as their music is), but I think it would be marvelous if they could devote an entire music vid with her facing the camera, without any make-up or funky back lights.

Sort of like that Alanis Morisette song.

I dunno, she has a comely face and, uh, maybe because it reminds me of Gracey too much. It's just the way I adore people you know. Yung parang di ka mapapagod katitingin.

Anyway, the song is supposed to be in the Ang Pamana sound track. The song itself is a bit more, mainstream for some reason, but not entirely out of UPD's personal touch.

I <3 Arre