Talked with the company chairman (actually I dunno what position he has). I don't even know if he's British as I really don't care ~_~

It certainly gave me a different perspective about my work. I mean, when you begin to think that you're a part of something that will compete with other multi-million dollar companies, you certainly will look at things in a grander perspective.

My only fear is that we're growing too fast, and we might bite off more than we could chew. I certainly have a long ways to go to be able to competent in my field. The Sydney guys are at least 3x of my current capacity. I'm not sure if they even do anything for fun ~_~

Anyway, back to Mr. Chairman. All I could say to him was that there needs to be a little more fun in the workplace. Heheh. Sigh. I'm bonked.

Ah well. Time to work harder.