- Q.Montejo

It's been so long since I made a poem. Only 10% of them are actually made with art in mind. This one I made out of romancing a personal demon -- which is the fear of oblivion. Sounds like my teen years but hey, it just came out my head.

This city is a wilderness of smoke
Where love is lost and light is choked
I've lost my mind once so clear
To mortal ghosts that feed on my fears

Who do I come to when I am lost?
In this open road where everybody walks
I wait for words born to be said
Shuffling feet greeted me instead

I trace the sun from behind the clouds
Its rays are nowhere to be found
Why has the world gone gray to my eyes?
When once I couldn't even hear its sighs

Little bird, flying sparrow
How do I hold this aching sorrow?
That I am left, as I wait for June
To carve the sky and look for the moon

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