I am waiting for something.

I know it's just there, but I don't know how to get it. I am doing something but, my instincts say, "wait a little more". Wait. A serene sense of calm has come to me these past days. Yeah I still have tons to do, but I no longer feel like a stress ball.

My death is coming middle of next week, and for certain, I can do nothing about it. Yet in a way, it's okay. It's alright. I know that I will still carry on despite my limitations.

And then, that something ...

It drives me ya'know? That if I get it, the rest is all planned and I don't have to fret anymore. It took a while for me to make up my mind about it. And even if it doesn't come to me, it's still okay. It's alright.

"Don't get ahead of yourself", a voice in my mind is saying. "Maintain the pace, do not skin your knees". Then another voice would be saying "Okay, okay". And pretty soon, other voices would come chiming in and I'd be a good candidate for some serious psychotherapy.

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Evil voices, nooooooooooo


Met up with my ex-team leader this day's lunch (oi Anne, sayang wala ka). I sooo missed that woman. Back in the days at Aboitiz, we had gone through a lot of trials, tribulations, sleepless nights, and weekend overtimes. It's good to know you have people by your side when the worst comes to pass. I mean, personally, I don't rely on anyone when I'm getting battered at work.

I dunno what would've happened to me if not for her. I probably would have a few years of my life shaved because of the stress. Her presence has a calming effect in the office (but stresses me out when me and the guys were secretly playing Starcraft haha!).

Anyway, would've love to work with her again if ever we get a stint in the US. She still remembers how I love eating pasta. I'm just glad she's here ^_^ hugged her goodbye before we came back to the office.

There's another woman I miss too, but I don't think I'll ever see her anytime soon. Wonder how she's doing =_= I think I'll squeeze her to death if I see her (considering she's sort of fragile ... I'll do it anyway haha)

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I see you, you see me


Darn, I have so many pics on my phone that I wanted to post. Ever since I moved out of my last company, I haven't gone to uploading them in photobucket. Lots of interesting stuff.

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