Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWas absent from office yesterday, so I wasn't able to pester the people connected to my network. Anyway, I feel really blank for missing out a day of work, but you know, the body comes first.

And there's another thing ofcourse. I want to talk about how I am lax with some important stuff. I really couldn't get it out of my system.

In other news, my roomies just brought home a ton of DVDs to melt our eyes. Watched American Pie: The Naked Mile last night, and even though only one of the original cast was there, it does have its appeal. The problem with these things, is that it gets compared to its predecessors.


In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I joined the girls who were lying on the beach (they're talking about what girls talk about usually), and tried to take a picture of the starry sky. Since I couldn't see what I was taking a picture of because I have to put down the camera with the LCD screen facing the sand, I got frustrated and went back to borrow Paolo's tripod. The first shots couldn't capture the small faint stars because the exposure wasn't long enough.

From there I discovered something ...

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2 minute exposure: The three aligned stars you're seeing is the belt of Orion

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5 minute exposure: The stars begin to trail

In conclusion, it is impossible for me to capture a starry sky with my current equipment, because the exposure is taking too long that I capture the stars while our planet is rotating, hence the trail ~_~

I've also discovered that, to our eyes stars are bright white, is actually colored. Oh I do know stars can come in red, blue, and yellow, but I thought our atmosphere is so thick, those colors are muted somehow and they appear white. It seems that's not the case if you look closely in the pics. The star in the middle is consistently red-yellow, and Orion's belt consist of three bluish stars.

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Tiffany took this amazing shot of me snoozing under a tree. It's almost perfect ^_^ yeap, just behind the horizon is the beach, gently blowing a breeze ... and it made me go ... zzzZzZzz

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I asked the girls to write their names in the sand. But I actually have no idea what theme the shots would be afterwards. Oh well, whatever ~_~