I'm a bit relaxed today. It would probably change by next week when they let me handle a new client project.

I think people like me around here. A colleague and I were talking over lunch and we were discussing about some details about the stuff I'm doing. I said something about, "Yeah, we need more front-end people ...", but I was caught off guard when he said, "It's not just that we need more technical people, we need more people with your attitude".

I'm not exactly a mover or a shaker in my field, but perhaps it's because I almost don't complain. My mind is more adept in making things work regardless if it's a good or a bad decision. That effectively covers up points when I should be vocally bringing them up (i.e. complain).

Another thing that surprised me is that in one meeting, our PM mentioned that she was impressed with what I did. It was a compliment ofcourse, but I sort of feel that "I'm not there yet" or "I could've done more". That sort of inadequacy still bug me to this day in that, I'm comparing myself to the old me who's more passionate at he's doing. Perhaps, I've taken up some bad habits I couldn't exactly remove unlses pressurized to do so.

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The rabid, demon kitty-kat in her most relaxed moods.