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We were eternal enemies of destiny and fate

We're neighbors but I barely visit her. To think she's the only remaining member of a shattered circle of friends from a long, long time ago. I should treat her better -_-

She lives a semi-charmed kind of life. A vocalist in a rockband, a writer, a romanticist, a lomo-lover, she's got this ongoing zest with squeezing everything out of life. While I ... I used to say that to myself as well. But deep down, I know I feel that I can't do nearly enough.

We've talked about how life has been treating us in general, and the usual rants. Friends we've lost along the way ... new friends gained.

We're both people who are honest with what we feel. And how the world, somehow couldn't take it. I guess that's our tragedy.

Took this picture at her place, then kissed her goodbye. I have to go back to the troubles my world brings.

I like to say I'm not lost. But I am free not to think about it =_=