I was supposed to bring my camera today (and wishfully, night sights) and take pictures of couples snuggling this Valentines as feature pics for this blog of mine. But again, I woke up late, hurried to office, and left my camera at home.

Dang, another golden opportunity missed.

Anyway, will be going to a rather deathly commercialized paradise this Friday. Honestly, I'm not prepared ~_~ work is on a steady stream, and leaving off a weekday can have major consequences.


We work to live, not live to work. So I'm going to enjoy this adventure. I've promised that I'll be making some sort of music video of the trip. Two things: I don't have my laptop back yet to edit the strips, and second, I haven't written down the script sequences.

Not sure what get up my actors and actresses will be bringing, but I'm sure it'll be nothing boring :D

Anyway, here's the plan. I'll be using Love Generation by Bob Sinclair for one vid (all around), and Kissing by Bliss on the other. Ofcourse Kissing will have a couple as the main focus *wink* *wink*

Other than that, I already have more than a couple of ideas for photo poses.

It's all plan, I know, and well, things or whatever can happen along the way in the most unexpected of ways. Oh yeah, I'm gonna go jetskiing, and see if I'll be brave enough to bring a cam up there while parasailing.

Coolness. This is gonna be great.

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