I had a little chat the other day, about how I could go mush for women friends. I know I don't really do it to all of my them, maybe just one or two who're dear to me the most. It's never for anything romantic or even in a sisterly attitude, and sometimes people mistake my behaviour for such. Sounds kinda unfair to other women friends who feel the same way to me >:D Make no mistake, I sometimes hate it, so I pepper it up with some carino brutal to balance things up >:D

There was one friend I had, whose birthday was coming. And since I couldn't think of any birthday gift (and well most birthday gifts tend to become paper weights) I decided, hey, if it's gonna be a paper weight, it better be something I made with my own hands.

So I went up to Robs Galleria alone, hunting for just the thing. And there was this paint-a-figurine stalls where you could buy a statuette and color it up the way you like. So I got that, and with all the artistic talents I could muster, I've painted it myself. Underneath it, I wrote a short poetry or dedication or something (can't remember).

Gave it to her in a party while she was painting my fingernails with black nail polish (don't ask, I do a lot little crazy things). She took it with a gleam in her eyes while I gave her a "I-really-don't-give-a-damn" look. The thing wasn't even gift wrapped so I could retain the dense, insensitive, male persona =.=

And well, there was another where I had a fight with (partially my fault actually hehehe). We were exchanging heated text messages (lol, that sounded funny aye?) about who's not being cooperative to who, because I was supposed to return something important to a group of friends and I feel lazy doing so.

I kinda felt bad afterwards, so what I did was, I brought the supposed thing to her house in a bag. But sorrounding it was all of her favorite candies. It looks like a peace offering, but I just really wanted to give it to her even if we haven't fought at all.

Alright, time to indulge in nonsensical online gaming ...