New things coming up:

1. Gonna take up boxing / kickboxing

2. Going to buy a new laptop

3. Begin the hunt for a new home

The first and second are trivial, but the third is not only a big decision, but is actually life-changing. I want my own place now more than ever. I want my artistic skills run free, and do my own interior decorating. No, you will and cannot expect a nerdy/geeky home full of wires and cables and techie stuff.

I actually have aesthetic tastes, if not bordering on aristocratic. Quite ironic that I act like a crude mofo in public.

I'd like a really good place here in Mandaluyong =.= GA Towers is nice but I haven't taken a gander at it yet. But if there's a better option, trading off on distance from Ortigas, I'll take it.

What I need is for someone to come with me when going on house trips. As I judge things better when there are other people with me.