Just enrolled in that boxing class. As I went inside the place, I sort of felt elated about seeing a boxing ring. There were already people inside doing some sparring.

I dunno. There's something about fighting that gives me a certain high. I don't think it's really hurt and get hurt. More like, that blood rush when you land a hit or feel your every bone and muscle screech and ache with every push and movement.

A release so to speak.

Once I get to become good enough, I'll be taking up Muay Thai, or kick boxing in its more popular name. And well, at the end of my plans will be Jiujitsu. Brazilian Jiujitsu to be exact.

I'm gonna buy myself a pair of boxing gloves. Another piece of equipment that will litter my room. Which reminds me, I still am a go for that new place. I've been collecting flyers and stuff, but I what I really want is someone to discuss this with. Someone I know =.=

Oh yeah, they have hip hop dancing sessions for free on my package. Well, why not? >:D They have a pool too. *Weee*


On an related note, I plan to buy a new laptop this week, or Sunday. My old one is ... well ... busted. It's virtually unusable. I'm trying to think of ways how I could salvage at least the hard drive.

Dang. That thing holds a lot of memories the past 5 years. It has my history in its 30GB hard disk to be exact.

What to do, oh what to do ...