"Be good to yourself", Alice said.

I was sipping something (was it iced tea? or something more sinister ...) while looking at the person Alice was talking to. I usually see the kid (I refer to anyone around 20 to be a kiddo) once or a few times.

But tonight at Alice's little establishment, this was an interesting conversation. And I sorta recorded all what was being said in my head so I could blog about it. Oh with a little embellishment here and there.

It was from Alice I got the "Be good to yourself" statement.

Despite being older than me, she's pretty cool when it comes to stuff like this. She has her share of stories, but this time, she's preaching upon her pulpit again.

Oooh, I think I been in that kid's shoes several times.

Alice: Don't go come emo-ing here so you could make me rich, you stupid idiot.

Me: (I really love accents) Feh, here we go.

Kiddo: (I dunno his name, he could Gumbo for all I care) ...

Alice: Don't be like that moron over there (pointing at me)

Me: *Hyuk* (I almost choked, you have your days Alice, grrrr) Heyyy, I just pass by herreeee >:(

Alice: Rightthh. Anyway ...

{ Some preachy words here, whatever, but I'd like to write in a few bits here that went ringing in my mind }

"It's not your job to make people like you or fall for you ..."

"It's not your job to change yourself just so you could please people. The only real reason to change is to do it for yourself, not for anyone else, not for somebody else's whim."

"Make decisions. Take only a YES or NO. Don't take delays just to hear a YES, instead take delays as NO. Move on, move forward. It's not an blank road forever when you walk away. You will find something blooming along the path you walk."

"Hope? Faith? Belief? These are good. But tell me this, is it working for you? The only thing I see it is doing to you is putting you into a standstill. Hoping and believing is not for you, either that or you don't know when it is wise to do so."

{ I forgot what faith Alice have btw ... servitor to the bitch goddess? dunno, I only heard that from her anyway heh heh heh }

By now I feel the kid feels like nails are being hammered all over his body. Drink boy, drink! It's either that or Alice the Malice will pummel you all the way back to Mordor.

"Again make decisions. Be decisive. Be a man. It's a man's job to be decisive. Some people don't really know what they want."

Lastly ...

"Be good to yourself. After all, when all else falls down, it really is all up to you to make the decision."

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