Lately I've noticed I have been spending a lot of money of food.

Not it's because I eat a lot, but lunches aren't exactly being ordered from your friendly neighborhood manang. Yes, I eat in restos during lunch. And a funny thing is, I almost always order my favorite in each, choosing it above everything else in the menu. Here they are, being visited at least once or twice in two weeks:

- 95% of the time, you'll see me ordering one thing: Whole Spaghetti with Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. Makes my mouth water everytime. Goes well with lemonade. Cost: ~ Php200

Luk Yuen

- King Dao Noodle soup. It's just so nice. It's actually the cheapest noodle, about Php110.00

Rai-rai Ken
- The reason I went here is because of Naruto anime. I was thinking, what the heck, I better taste some ramen that doesn't come in plastic packs. Cost: ~Php150.00

- I'd eat anything here. They're all so delicious. Cost: ~Php150.00

Thuk Thai
- Actually two: That hot, spicy chicken curry and the lemoned chicken. I couldn't remember the Thai names, but heck/shoot/suck they are so scrumptuous. The chicken curry is really hot, but is still tolerable by my system (right now my mouth waters thinking of it, not because it's that delicious but because it's that hot). The lemoned chicken on the other hand, is divine. That despite it being just chicken nuggets with lemon sauce and strands of nori (that sweet-tasting sea weed strips), it was all worth it.


I bought a property buyer's mag the other day. I really am keen on having my own home. But I thought, hey, better hold up a bit.

There's still some financial stuff I have to juggle yet, like my insurance, some lee way in case things come from bad to worse, house furnishings and stuff.

I'd imagine that after getting a bed and a decent bathroom, I'd be concentrating on the kitchen. I'd leave the living room bare >:D

Target allowance time would be 1 year.


I dunno if I can really roam around nowadays, now that I have deadlines that need meeting.