Every day I am thinking about how my house will be (okay, condo is a second place, townhouse first).

Like, will it be a bad idea at this point to get one?
What are other financial aspects I should consider?
As well as running bills I will have to deal with every month?
Closet stuff?
Can I have a pet? :)
Will I be able to shoulder it for a good decade of my life?
Will the maintenance costs suck?
How much allowance should I make for myself so I don't get myself in a financial bind?
If it caught fire will it go poof?
Do I need insurance? (well yeah, duh)
What happens if I lose my keys?
Will I have nice neighbors?

Because you know, once I get my own crib
I'd like to invite friends over to come and cook their specialties :D
Or take suggestions on how to decorate it
Or play music and stuff like that or a small party
Install wifi, free for everyone!
Because you know, that'd be funky hip and cool o_O

I guess this is one reason I no longer call my old home, "home".
I want my own \(^_^)/