And I thought I have the monopoly of all the melodrama this side of creation XD

Anyway, lots of things are up this April. May is just around the corner so I need to fill my weekends with lotsa adventures ... hopefully not office/work advenutures :@

Once I find my headset, I'll try the built-in voice recognition in my laptop. Just for the coolness factor :D


I never was any good when people cry in front of me -.-

I usually go in a frantic "It's okay, it's alright, things will be fine, da da da da". Naw, I couldn't pull up any eloquence at all. Just basic, not-at-all helpful bunch words.

It's because I'm more adept at cracking jokes or making fun of everyone (including myself). Quite a contrast to the content of this blog of mine. Just like the post before this *look* *look*. Gives me headaches when I write dramatic, heavy stuff about difficult decisions.

But perhaps the reason I don't know how to comfort is when the person isn't that close to me yet. I mean, I'd squeeze my best friend to bits given the chance. As well as my sister-friends.

Sigh. If I could put all the tears of the world in a bottle :o



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I ran out of relevant pictures :o

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I don't have a picture of my niece. Saw her this morning, washing the dishes. And she's only 4 o_O