I remembered a story. Not really a story, but something to think about.

Say you're driving under a really bad storm. Weather station said that it's not safe to go outside, but you have to.

Then, on a bend, you saw three people being mercilessly drenched: the person you'll spend your life with, your best friend, and an old woman who looks like she's in grave condition.

There's only one person you can bring with you. What will you do?

Think about it.

Ofcourse, most would argue which person to bring and it will depend how people prioritize things in their lives. And yes, there's no wrong answer. If you value life above all, you'd bring the old woman. If you value love above all, you'd bring the person of your dreams. If you value your friends, well, it's your best friend then.

But there is a better answer :)

You'd let your best friend drive your car and bring the old woman to the hospital. While you wait for the bus with the person who'll spend the rest your life with.

Cool eh?


Just a moment ago, I wanted some fresh air.

And as a crazy dude as I am, I thought of one thing: what if I try getting lost in my own neighborhood, to places I don't usually go to? That's effective on me because I have a bad sense of direction.

So I did. At night.

I walked and walked and took a turn on a corner. The streets weren't exactly brightly lit, and there's probably a stray dog somewhere who's got a fang to sink into my leg.

I'm not exactly fearless. Sometimes my adrenaline urges make me do silly things.

I continued on, and saw the Cybergate building off a distance. Wow, looks like I did bought a better pair of glasses.

Continued on, passing by sari-sari stores, people sitting on the streets, youths playing ball. What took my attention was a seemingly neat building for rent as an apartment. I don't have any desire to inquire, so I moved on.

Before I knew it, I'm back to Boni. To a familiar place where I know I won't be lost. It seems whenever I took a turn, it's always left. I'm bound to go back to the place I was before.

Then I noticed a condo being built almost across Pizza Hut. It's called Bonifacio Residences, and it looks promising. Buuut, somehow I don't feel like inquiring for this one. The building in front of it is an abandoned/spooky building, and for some reason, I don't like the feel of having that in front of a place to live.

Call it feng shui, or what not, but deep in my gut there's an illogical reason not to choose the place.

(Btw, who here knows punsoy?)


Alice made a variation of a quirky statement.

In this world, you have made the right choice, if the person you have is the one you love, is right for you, and is ideal.

Then she goes something like, she knows three people who is one of each. Now she's pondering what to do \(^_^)/

Frankly, I can't tell the difference :o