Okay just a warning, only geeks wouldn't be bored with the following stuff.

I think a year ago, I came by Li Po's guide to the planes. Click >>here<<

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Poke goes the dragon -_-

Okay, first off, a plane is another place of existence, and I'm sure many of you have come across this bit of concept one way or the other. We can say that Heaven and Hell are separate planes of existence. Sort of a place for good and a place for evil that is separate from our universe [or something] where us mortals reside.

Planewalkers are those who cross these planes of existence. Although some are quite dangerous to the unprepared -_=

Now, some guys have the creativity to put alignments in it: Law and Chaos. That's in addition to Good and Evil. So Heaven and Hell ain't that simple anymore. Although if you do look, the lores of Christian moral duality still exist here, intertwined with Viking-like, and Greek-like fiction.

The reason I came to the said site was because I was looking for more info when I was still playing much of Neverwinter Nights (great game for it's 'recent' time I tell you).

In the game, I was a cleric and is supposed to battle with Mephistopheles on the sixth layer of Hell, Cania. What I go was that 'Cania' was based on the name of a biblical character, Cain, who as most people know, is the brother of Abel and did some pretty nasty stuff.

It's a Dungeons and Dragons game [and to some ignoramus would label it as some satanic game, the idiots] so it uses D20 rules, or to the more common people of the world, the game uses a 20 sided die to play.

Think of it as a glorified Snakes & Ladders but much, much more complex. In fact, sometimes you need a handbook o_O

Incidentally, it was with Neverwinter Nights have I learned the rules for D&D itself -- I never really played the pen and paper version.

So back to my senseless drivel.

Yeah, as I was looking for lores and fiction [to fire up my imagination], I came across an interesting creative twist about Hell. It has layers, that is evidently based on Dante's work, Paradise Lost. But not only that, demons are different from devils.

See? Demons are chaotic, while devils are lawful. In comes the alignments from TSR [right?]. Demons live in a different plane from Devils. And if they see each other, they'll obliterate each other. Cool huh?

Now if there is chaotic evil [demons] and lawful evil [devils], think about lawful good and chaotic good. And think about the number of planes that can come in between these.

It doesn't stop there. Now add the elemental planes of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Negative, Positive and mix them up, and what do you get?

Took me hours enjoying myself about what other people wrote for adventures >:) Like I said, I'm a fan of medieval fantasies, so the usual mix of elves, dwarves, dragons, halflings, dark elves are in there, along with many interesting and uncommon creations like aasimars, tieflings, mind flayers (a feared creature), and so much more.

As for me, I have a liking for the plane of Arborea. A place of chaotic good, where people are free to do what they want, express themselves and just be plain rowdy and party XD while still being a good guy ofcourse. Lots of trees too for some nature tripping fun.