People often take things for granted.

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I often pass by Megamall. But this time, I decided to view it in vivid colors ...

Especially when they mess up what is, and what is not really important.

Sunday evening and I was bored out of my skull. Not that I need company, but I just needed to take a walk. And oh, Megamall is just a good 20 minutes away from my place.

I need time to remember how the world is doing okay. And that I am in it, thankful, grateful, and altogether peachy. I am thankful I have eyes yet to see the faces of people come and go, with their own cares and worries. I am thankful I could take in the scents of perfumes just by the department store and the tingling sensation that they have chico fruits at the supermarket [not many with good quality though].

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I paused for a moment as I passed by this establishment just beside the supermarket. Why? This is where I met my first date ^_^ sweet girl

I'm taking it slowly these days. There's no need to hurry to go anywhere, or anyhow. I'm thinking how long I'd be on my diet, since I now weigh 150 lbs, which means I lost 10+ lbs in three weeks. And like I said, it's funny how I can now cross-leg my thighs o_O and it's an unfortunate thing that I now have to wear belts even on my tightest pants.

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The view from my bed to the window. If today went bad, tomorrow will always be good for something.

Let not things be taken for granted anymore.