I think the reason why UPD appeals to me so much is because the flavor of their music is druggy -- almost like an atmosphere in itself. Also, it reminds me so much, so much of an anime, Serial Experiments: Lain.

It's like this psychedelic trip that refuses to go away. Not that it's unwelcome, but it sticks, you know? If you've watched Lain, you'll know what I mean. It gets mental from track one.

Like I said, it's the incredible nothingness of everything ...

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Anyway, loved listening to Urbandub's, The First of Summer. It's a pretty romantic piece in a way I like it -- heavy and strong, yet poignant and rockin. Kinda short though

So for you summer luvers out there, this one's for you XD

Parked car
[our song plays on ...]
Night sky
[our song plays on ...]
Make this city shine like diamonds