A lot of things are coming up for me this year.

For one, I'll be travelling a lot, at least more than I have ever did in my life. East, west, north, south ... I will be in places interesting and beautiful. Faces I will see, drawing, thinking. I may or may not bring my guitar, but I'll take with me my sketch pad. I figure it'll be better to capture the sights as told by my hand.

I've greeted seraphim on her birthday ^_^ it makes me happy that I could still do things like this. I would reckon she's still that fiery spirit, the same one that consumed my heart. Ahh, but to my dear readers, you would've asked why it didn't last? Oh, I'll say it straight right here, right now. She wasn't the one, at least not on our time then. And I would dare say, when cherubim told me that it's something you see in their eyes, I knew she was right -- she was damn right. Because I would have made the same choice out of the same circumstances. There was still the matter of putting off the fire though. Or, in my case, let it burn out by letting it outlive its fuel.

Gee. This is the first personal thought I have written in a long time. Well, maybe just weeks, but nonetheless, pretty long by my standards.

Oh yeah, saturday wasn't totally doing nothing.

My hips had a really, er, rigorous workout. It was a non-stop two hour sweating session but it was all worth it. I would have fallen asleep but no, the night was simply too beautiful to waste with my eyes closed. My racing pulse was another reminder of what it felt like to be truly alive.