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I am walking aimlessly in the desert. Stepping over the sand, leaving my footprints behind. I know I made them, but I just didn't look.

I wanted to feel the sun, but the sun's heat is only but a thermal meter in my head -- the only human organ left in my body. Yet even barely human that I am, I have not lost my bloodlust for the hunt. And very soon, I will discover the thrill of the battle.

I have two other 'brothers'. Accretians who share the same DNA signature as me. But the information I was able to download is anything but news of beneficial nature. I have an elder brother, a fellow warrior, who assigned to step on this same area and accomplish missions. His call sign was Netherdaemon. I have a younger brother, call sign Raz the Weak, commissioned to become an engineer for the empire and has seen more field work than I had according to the records.

And as the last part of the data I have learned that their lives were made forfeit. My elder brother has already been deactivated and his mantle will be used to house another Accretian. My younger sibling will soon share the same fate.

The reason was because of our DNA. The science department deemed it as 'tainted' for reasons that still is unknown to me.

And for the first time in my life, I felt fear. Perhaps it is of death. But such should not concern the metal armor that I am wearing. No, it can't possibly just it. Perhaps honor? Or purpose?

I must find out.

I am given this body to be strong. And with this body I will fight. The possibilities of an infinite lifetime with this body will enable me to know my 'taint'. Why am I allowed to live, while my brothers were not?

The sound of launchers echo in the distance.

I run off to join the hunt.