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On a better look at the things around me, I just discovered a newly opened boutique in Megamall, named Kultura Filipino.

It showcases a lot of our native crafts and stuff, and there's even food o_O funny how I was looking for dried mangoes and there's none there XD there's cornbits and some exotic ones though.

I should say, the clothes they're selling have taste, I just might buy one of those long sleeves because it has embroidered designs instead of printed. They also have a good, but rather small line for barongs. I might get one of those too, because I need two more.

It pretty much occupies a rather large space, and since it is newly open, I think they haven't maximized the area they have covered. Heck I doubt how much revenue they'll get to support the venture. Still, I'm optimistic, because I like things like this popping out.

And yes, I don't know how to describe where it is located, except it's on the ground floor *tee hee*