<Grid> Hey Psyko, if the world was gonna end in 3 minutes, what would you do?
<Psyko> I'D SCREW ANYTHING THAT MOVES!!! What would you do?
<Grid> ... ... ... I'd stand very very still. o.o;


So what's to remember?

Well, here's to me and my story with gaming. Yeah, it started out with Nintendo's Game and Watch. You know? Those hand held stuff that has repeated algorithms giving you Parkinson's afterwards?

Yeah, I never actually owned any until I was ... highschool o.O it's a repressing thing if you know what it feels like for a kid that as an overactive brain. Back then I would save money [coins] and come barrio fiesta, these vendor guys in their push-a-majigs with lots of things on it would come to our little barrio and sell their wares.

The other thing they had were rent-a-game&watch which are those handhelds tied to their carts. It cost a peso to have a game then. And gee, was I cheating on them, ahahaha. Sigh. Here are the Nintendo G&W I've encountered:

- Mickey Mouse [the eggs ...]
- Popeye [the weed ... I mean spinach]
- Helicopter [rescue those damnable people on fire ... oops!]
- Donkey Kong Jr.
- Snoopy
- Octopus
- er ... to be continued. boss alert! ahaha