- Q.Montejo

Been long since I made a piece. This one is made out of braind damage while pondering on the simplicity of haikus [though you'll notice these aren't metered in anyway] and a lot of oriental paintings. I'm sure you people what those are like.

<3 simple art


Us humans are incredibly
Repressed creatures
Are we not?

Just look at a crowd
Everyone goes here and there
Faces that don't mean to you

It's even hard to find a face
Who'd look back at you
And call your name

It's a sweet sound
Is it not?
Someone calling your name ...

Us humans are incredibly
Repressed that we forget
Yet it happens

Out of hate
Or neglect
Or forgetfulness

If someone can
Know my name
And utter it

Then I
Can never feel alone
Or dull

And if someone
Can say it
Out of serendipity

Is it not
A very joyous miracle
Wouldn't you agree?

If someone can
Say it as sweetly
Then I am terribly whole

Because I am known
I am here
I belong ...