Looks like I've got something in my hands that will keep me busy (albeit happily). And as such, it'll preoccupy my head for quite a while. I'll give it, say a couple of months before I get out of this fever. You ask what it is?

Well, it's RF Online ofcourse. I've created my character and is now happily bashing away senselessly. Ofcourse knowing me, I'd name my virtual avatar something sick, like say EaterOfChildren. That should strike fear into the hearts of those kids.

Technically speaking, Guild Wars offers much better graphics. And has no subscription fee to boot. However, the community is all-Pinoy since it is hosted by Level-Up games (the same one which controls Ragnarok Online). It's just funny that they're in the battlefield ranting and stuff.

For the Empire of Accretia, I will hurt you!