Dunno. It makes me happy XD

Reminds me of a highschool project I created. The teacher told as to draw comics about a topic or something [eherm, yay I get to draw!].

I've created one, and I've entitled it Ulan.

Ofcourse inside showcases my then fascination with human poses and profile views. It's also about Mia ^_^ my first true angelic goddess.

I still have the comic to this day. It's sort of lame, but still, it was my obra. And to me, it is one of my most prized posessions.

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And now, for our dose of bash XD

mouAng: cuz im not perverted
mouAng: hahas
IllIllziroIllIll: say something perverted
IllIllziroIllIll: at least once
IllIllziroIllIll: like
IllIllziroIllIll: boobies
mouAng: ums okays
mouAng: toe