<who> i can't watch brokeback mountain for the same reason i can't watch horror movies
<who> i would scream "HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!" in the middle of the theater


Yeap, it's one of those hair phases when it's neither short, nor long -_- and since I'm tired of the Ace Ventura style-up, I decided to brush it all to the back of my head and give it a spikey texture.

Unfortunately, it's only good if you put hair gel. And since I don't have one, I now have a brushy mat of fur on top of my head showcasing my ever so wide forehead and flappy ears.

I am undecided if I should get a haircut. And it's a funny thing that whenever I think about that, I have already bought a brand new bottle of shampoo. It's so funny, it's almost paradoxical.

And I'm still a slacker.