It was glorious.

But it was painful to the eyes. Plus, the lagfest.

Donning the mantle of E.O.C., I attended my first ever Chip War with only but a level before I could contribute into the destruction of the Bellato and Cora chips [in our case, more for the Bellato's].

The siege gunners and strikers were awesome to look at, like they were terminators out to bring about obliterating destruction. And most especially because they were lined up in a siege formation.

*sigh* [tears in eyes]

I was trying to attack a very high level bMAU, but ofcourse, my measly damage is shrugged off compared to the more advanced Accretian warriors that literally split the ground with their weapons. And here I was holding a throwing knife that's only fit to slay a bunny.

Those massive bMAUs are terrible to get near to. Even the normal MAUs can be pretty destructive because they require at least level 30 to operate. Damn Bellatos.

Those siege kits are really, really sexy [compare: falling in love with a car].

Now to mention something about the Cora, whenever I see Isis [a summoned entity, compare: Final Fantasy summons, like Bahamut and Ifrit], the only instinct I have is to run away. I've been distastefully fragged by it.

Right now, I'm still undecided what warrior I want to be. Should I hunt and kill raiders, or should I be a tank?

Consider that I have more hate for the raiders, but I'll contribute better to a team if I'm a defensive tanker.