My Nokia 3300 is on to me.

Last time it locked itself up when it died, even though I've never changed the PIN. And I'm quite sure I am pressing the correct numbers even though the key pad is faded.

Last night, I think I lost it. I'm not sure where now, but I have two places I can think of in which if I lost it in one, I'll never get it back.

I haven't been using it much lately [strictly speaking, I don't use it much at all]. So it decided to make its importance felt by doing these things.

Hah! It won't have any effect on me! I went with my life without a cellphone for four months and the ones who were complaining weren't me XD [yes, people do miss me sometimes, despite my evil nature]

What to do now? I dunno. Even though it was averagely pricey in its time, I didn't feel like it was a big loss. And I don't have any strong compunction to think of replacing it.

(>^_^)> la!