By all accounts, my nature is to be a loner. When I was a kid, people scare me and I avoid crowds. I just usually go about my own way poking stuff out of curiousity.

An expression of individualistic freedom.

Oh, but where the hell have I been the past few months?

To answer that, I've been hermitting.

Which often means, I am just around. Only, I do not want to see anyone familiar. With circles of friends hunting for my ass, I knew it will come to a boiling point somehow.

And NO, I did not do anything immoral, be it carnal or criminal, to decide being a recluse. God knows how some people will be hitting me with a club spiked with nails for being away too long [with all honesty I'd still want to hermit some more and finally grow a beard].

I'm just around. I just might pop in during one of those drinking sprees XD