Music is the shorthand of emotion.
- Leo Tolstoy

Here's to something about a good change from all that bands and balladeers.

First I've seen Sitti in promotion ads in those cafes at the Podium, and I was like, "What is she"? Model? Musician?

Turns out, I was right on the last part. It's a must these days to succeed in the music industry to be also ... attractive. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the commercialized package. However, and you can quote me on this, there's something not quite hackneyed with this one.

I mean if you were, your songs would be those bland ballads or some stupidly souped-up revival of a classic (or a revival of some obscure catchy one) by means of high notes and power shrieks.

No, no, this one has flavor -- it's bossa nova.

Let's take a trip to some info from wikipedia

Bossa nova is a style of Brazilian music created by João Gilberto and first introduced in Brazil by Gilberto's recording of "Chega de Saudade", in 1958, a song written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, first released as a single, and shortly thereafter as the album by Gilberto, bearing the same title as the song (1959).

With João Gilberto as "guru", bossa-nova acquired a large following right away, comprised of young musicians, as well as fans, mostly young people, often college students. Later on, people of all ages and of all walks of life have also become admirers of the style.

Yeah, at first I thought it was Italian, but nonetheless Latin origins can't be that far away (correct me if Brazil is considered to be Latin American).

The music itself is originally played in a classic guitar-driven form. Which is always good to my ears being a guitar lover myself (minus any skill whatsoever). The thing about this is it always gives me a feeling that this will be heavily played in hotel lounges til your ears bleed. In a gentle way of bleeding ears ofcourse, but still I think the smoothness is enough to induce enough alpha waves in your brain.

Okay, now back to Sitti, lol.

I've heard about five of her songs to date, and might I say, it's good stuff to listen to in a workplace like mine. My favorite one, and hope I hear it often is that bossa nova form of a Tagalog song, of which I will yet to know the title. It's airplayed in radio, and unfortunately I have yet to find the recording features of my 3230.

Ah well, here's to bossa nova, and my hunt for that song!