Gee, some angsty mood I have today -_-

I think
That the cruelest trick
The world played on me
Is that I understand the world
Truly and sincerely
It's just that
The world doesn't understand me
Nor would it even try to
It doesn't know my gloom

I'm just too jaded
To care and be lenient
So I
Wrap myself up
In blankets and self-assurance
Convincing myself
That I don't need the world
To tell me I'm whole

I once read
Don't love anything
That can't love you back

It sounds reasonable
Only to realize
It's too contractual
And limiting
And it kills passion
Then again who needs those?
Fools and heroes?
I am none of both

Just leave me be
I detest the world
I am out of pretense
I want out
- Q.Montejo