Well well well, here we have another installment of the hermit's adventures.

The trip was a despedida party to Mich who's going to Greece! See ya when ya get there! Thanks for everything!

Now if you really want excitement, skip the pictures and go straight at the bottom of this post. No, seriously, not for the weak-hearted.

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Smell the air, hear the strumming ...

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It was still a pretty hot day going to Tagaytay, but the air con was good enough in the van.

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Took this picture of Caenden's hand. They're pretty ^_^ lucky is the guy who gets to hold them

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Again smell the air ... *breaaaathheee*

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I'm watching you watch over me, I like that, the Greatest View from here ...

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Mmmm, alchohol. I really don't drink that much anymore though.

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It's a nice house but ...


Okay, the highlight (or should I say anticlimax) of the trip was like a scene from The Exorcist *insert twilight zone tune here* o_O

Yeap. You heard me.

Somebody got posessed.

I think we got a bit too rowdy that we disturbed a spirit inhabiting the house where we stayed. And boy, was it angry. People were all frightened I guess because of the incident.

Okay, now I'm going to insert a comical part, starring yours truly.

Imagine this. I was drunk. And for all those who know me when drunk, it wouldn't be a surprise. They carried the girl who got posessed back to the room and prayed there repeatedly to exorcise the spirit.

Oh, nothing too different from that you say. Except I was in the same room, drunk and sleeping.

I woke up hearing the sound of the prayers, got up a bit dazed and ... went back to sleep. Beside the posessed girl. Or so Wilson said I did.

I did got up again and this time Chuck beckoned me to come out of the room in a hushed voice. I looked back inside and saw the commotion. Everybody outside was either silent, looked horrified, or praying along.

I went outside, sat on the floor, and moments later ... lied down.

Anyway, morning came and I noticed nobody was speaking about last night. I would've cracked a joke about it but they might gang bang me or something. At least things went fine from then on.

And so I record it in my blog ... muhahaha

EDIT: I lightly suspect that I was also to blame for the spiritual disturbance -- that night, I was running around screaming like a wild java man with my shirt off in the presence of twenty or so onlookers. I wasn't even drunk then.