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He sat on the bench looking at the passing people.

They have faces, but to him, they're all faceless. Each one looking like the other even though all of them are different. Why is this so? He asks himself.

He's in another land, cold and chilling. He is in Disney. A place where people should be happy and merry.

Yet to him this place is void of color and living souls. The only color he can see is gray and the only sensation he can feel is the biting frost-laden air. Was it even frost? He doesn't even know.

All of this is new to him.

On his left is a child sinking her face in a big cotton candy, delightfully messing her cheeks with pink stains. To his right is a stall selling souvenirs and trinkets. All gaudy and loud in color. On the far distance is a train for viewing the whole place. And somewhere one could spy balloons casually being let go into the big open sky.

This is a place where people should be happy and merry, he told himself again.

He's seen this in TV when as a child -- the ultimate paradise. To the bright eyes of a youngster, this is where people should live all their lives. Where Mickey Mouse and Pluto would just be around bringing nothing but smiles. Pluto was his favorite Disney character, more so than the others because he loves puppies and canines.

I guess I was too late.

The continual twinkling of background music is muted to him. He wandered into the night, with the lights of boutiques and merry-go-rounds the only things guiding him along the way.

Upon midnight he chanced upon the place where the main closing event will be held.

And there it was.

The most spectacular show of lights and rainbow colors only the miracle of man could have come up with. Laser holograms and blazing fire works everywhere peppered the night sky with beautiful blossoms of pyrotechnic marvel.

Yet the biting frost-laden wind was felt more.

This is a place where people should be happy and merry.

He went home with a colorless memory of everything that happened.