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Some people take a lifetime to know.

Had that come out of me in a conversation earlier. And her reply was "so be it".

The argument has no point in it by itself. What I wanted to put across was, what if you need to do something, and that can only happen if you can claim that you know the person?

Sounds unclear, but it's an argument about relationships that only got me thinking lately, not necessarily connected to the conversation. Actually, I've encountered this way, way before.

People take risks in varying degrees. Some just dive in, while others need to examine every possible aspect to consider before stepping in.

Truth be told, I have done both. Here's where things gets as interesting as it is mediocre. You would say those who take careless risks will end up having a sob story, but not every case. And you would say those who did took everything into consideration would live happily, but as you guessed it, not in every case.

I vote that the latter is a logically better choice. You get to know the person in detail, sort of like you check on the ingredients of a detergent before buying it. Quite understandable. Personally, I don't care about the ingredients because I see it as a whole. If the detergent does the job, then it's good. If the other brand does it better, despite the price, and my need is great, then I'll choose that.

But there's the difference between a person and a detergent in that ... people change. We're not static individuals that what you see today will be what you see tomorrow. Sure some things don't change but rest assured, some will anyway. And some emerge after a span of time -- mid life crisis, kids growing up, etc.

People evolve, but couples can decide to grow together despite what they find in each other that they may not like. That takes maturity, and as we all know it can only brought about by time and change and the will to learn. We're not born knowing everything do we?

It doesn't matter how you met, or why. It's more important to know if a couple know where it's going. And how they're brave enough for changes.

Nothing is perfect, then again perfect doesn't work.

But I will fight for you
Be sure that I will fight
Til we're the special two ...

- Missy Higgins, The Special Two