I don't know how important it is that my imagination is fed by music and the visual arts.

I mean, as just another mortal human being, all we really need are the basic necessities. Yet as a complicated creature, who, by sentience or the fact that we have a unique psychological profile (each and everyone of us), we have needs that far surpasses that of 'surviving'.

After we succeed in surviving, what is next, I wonder?

Once the most basic of needs have been met, we become more than just 'creatures'. We begin to think about the world. We romanticize.

And that is the stuff of music, of philosophy, and of all this art. Otherwise, all of that is really ... useless, in a pragmatic point of view.


Anyhoo, I've been looking for Fan art for Ergo Proxy in Deviant Art, just so I could satiate my visual hunger.

And shit, did I open a treasure trove!

Real Mayar truly is the most unconventional anime heroines ever. Like I said, almost Western. None of that cutesy-footsy stuff. And Ergo PROXY is the coolest, like in a The Crow kind of way.

I <3 Amy/Real