Wonder. Yeah, one of my best personas yet.

Anyway, I've been looking through my junk folder and found something interesting -- a list of my highschool classmates in the Names database. You see, Friendster is good, but the Names database can connect it like no other.

I read the list and immediately thought of the face behind the name. You see, among the crowd categories, I belonged to the Geek group. With a minor in Emo and Weirdo categories. Yeah, we're the ones who play video/console games, talk about scifi and shit, all the things geek people do. Our natural enemies, ofcourse, are the Jocks or the Punks.

So I'm wondering, how are they now?

There sure have been a million changes since then. I've outgrown almost every little thing I was before. Almost :)

Yet I can't help but wonder the stories I could tell to friends I haven't seen for more than a decade ...