Aight, I'm almost done rehauling my wardrobe.

As expected, I am met with ridicule and humiliation at the office ;) But I'm pretty sure they'll get over it.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I've discarded my hermitty style to molt into some good stuff. I wear vests and blazers, got some new leather shoes and slacks. Won't overdo it ofcourse.

Need to put some sanity in there.

I've gone shopping in Lineo Italia, Onesimus, G2000, Marks&Spencer, as well as some cheaper (yet still decent) fare like Bossini, Bench, etc. Good clothes usually cost more, but they fit well. Also, since I don't launder my heavy clothes anymore, I no longer have a reason to whine about too much laundry.

That doesn't change the fact that I'm dying. Mm. It's a good change in perspective, knowing you don't have that much time to live eh?